In our latest TNMT Newsletter, we took a deep dive into the vibrant innovation landscape of Asia’s Travel and Mobility Tech ecosystem. 

From revealing the top 50 startups shaping the future of travel in Asia to analyzing the shift in funding dynamics, our coverage offered insights into the evolving tech scene

One highlight included a glimpse into a cashless day in Shanghai, showcasing the seamless integration of digital payments in everyday transport.

Exploring Another Hidden Champion

Today, we shift focus to a remarkable player in the Chinese travel-tech ecosystem: Xiaohongshu, also known in the West as “Red.” 

For those unfamiliar with Red, it’s time to lean in. 

  • Red has rapidly become a go-to travel booking tool for Chinese travelers, particularly those venturing to Europe. 
  • Its unique charm lies in the community-based review platform it offers, where travelers and influencers alike craft engaging, dynamic travel content.

Uncharted Territory For Airlines

Despite its popularity and effectiveness, it’s surprising to find that almost all Western travel brands, including airlines, have yet to make their debut on Red. 

  • This oversight represents a significant missed opportunity to tap into China’s burgeoning middle class and connect with younger generations in meaningful ways. 
  • Red presents a fresh avenue to sell upgrades and ancillaries through interactive content formats, especially video, pointing to a new direction in travel booking.

Curious to see Red in action? 

As the Lufthansa Innovation Hub’s voice on the ground, I prepared a quick video walkthrough of Red’s functionalities, providing a firsthand look at why this platform could be a game-changer for travel brands aiming to capture the attention of Chinese travelers.

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