Corporate Venture Capital activity in Travel and Mobility Tech has soared in the last few years. The share of investment rounds with at least one CVC investor involved reached a record-high 40% in 2018 as our report on The State of Travel & Mobility Tech illustrates.

Airlines have also followed this trend as the ranking of the ten most active airlines showcases. The ranking is based on the size of the startup portfolio per carrier.

# AirlinePortfolio (#)Startups
1JetBlue32Lacuna, Transparent, Universal Hydrogen, 3victors, i6 Group, Travelstride, SAM Email, Bizly, Node, Volantio, Lumo, Joby Aviation, Redeam,, FLYR Labs, Filament, Betterez, Claire, Mozio, Zunum Aero, CoinFlip, Recharge Labs, JSX, Gladly, Skyhour, Unicobag, Slice Labs, Shape Security, Miles, Beacon AI, NLX , TurnKey
2KLM*19RazorSecure, Grasp Innovations, Aiir Innovations, Robin, Ampyx Power, C Teleport, Synple, Undagrid, We4Sea, Mobian, ViriCiti, Plotwise, SupplyStack, Multi Pilot Simulations, Versa, MI Airline, Eye On Air, Snocom, Casper
3Qantas Airways14Mad Paws, Volantio, Meeco, Leezair, Data Republic, Landmarks ID, Travelshoot, Pawshake, easyshare, LoanDolphin, Aeroster, Coverhero, Birch, Boozebud
4United Airlines12Cemvita Factory, Alder Fuels, Heart Aerospace, Journera, GetThere (GTHR), Fulcrum Bioenergy, BCKSTGR, Clear Secure, 1PointFive, Archer Aviation, Avolar, ZeroAvia
5AirAsia11Amity, RedTix, Vidi, RedBox Logistics, Teleport Commerce, Ourshop, ROKKI, travel360, BigPay, BIG Loyalty, Big Data for Humans
6El Al Airlines9shopnfly, FarePlace, Claire, NSLComm, Routier, AeroCRS, Quicklizard, Splitty Travel, SAM Email
7IAG8 i6 Group, Zamna, Esplorio, Volantio, Monese, Resolver, Migacore, SAM Email
8easyJet**8LuckyTrip, WeSki, Dohop, Flio, car&away, Flightsayer (Lumo), FetchyFox, TrustedHousesitters
9UPS Cargo Aviation
8Fleet Logistics, Sudu, Optoro, Ally Commerce, Deliv, eHatchery, Inxeption, ShopRunner
10All Nippon Airways7Astroscale, Avatar-in, FiNC, Huber, PD Aerospace, Star Flyer, LanzaTech

* KLM investments include those through the Mainport Innovation Funds I & II
** easyJet investments include startups they work with through Founders Factory

Disclaimer: Our ranking is purely based on investments in startups and does not include joint ventures, private equity deals, or traditional M&A activity.

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