A crisis always is a chance for structural re-distribution and leapfrogging.

Particularly interesting are changing investment patterns across the major categories of a given startup ecosystem during a crisis, as they might indicate where the future of a sector might be heading to.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our sector analysis of the Travel and Mobility Tech sector revealed that one category turned out to be the big winner of the crisis, experiencing a tipping point in financing appetite from Venture Capitalists: “New Air Travel”.

This group comprises startups shaping the future of aviation by building next-generation digital and physical air-travel infrastructure, new on-demand transportation means, disruptive propulsion technologies, as well as futuristic supersonic and space-travel jets. Collectively, these 75+ startups experienced a 359% growth in annual venture capital funding during the pandemic vs. the pre-Covid era.

To provide more clarity of this highly dynamic and fragmented group of frontrunners shaping the future of aviation, we put together the New Air Travel Leaderboard. We listed up to ten category leaders for each major subset of New Air Travel and ranked all startups by their respective venture capital funding sums raised so far.

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